February 16 2016

Those poor sperm whales!

sperm whales by JGordon

Hi everyone.

I’m sitting at home, tucked up in my nice, warm office, and just got a message from Sea Watch Foundation. They want me to tell you all about the problems that have been going on in the UK with all the poor, poor sperm whales.

We get many types of whale species in the UK – minke whale, fin whale, pilot whale, killer whale and many others including the sperm whale. These are the curious looking ones with the huge, square heads (Moby Dick is a sperm whale!!)

Well, some sperm whales recently got themselves into a lot of trouble. Sea Watch Foundation (SWF) call it – The largest sperm whale stranding EVER recorded in the North Sea. Tweet:  29 sperm whales ended up stuck and stranded on beaches dying!!! Keep Reading!