June 4 2017

Adopt a Dolphin on the road

Busy talking dolphin!

May has been a brilliantly fun month for Adopt a Dolphin, what with visits to schools and festivals! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as we have just brought out our new children’s book!! More about that soon!!

We started off in a school in Milton Keynes (Bradwell Village), where we talked to 400 children about dolphins in the UK, the threats they face and how they can help. Luckily, we were joined virtually by two of our interns Laura and Amanda through Skype. This meant that the children could ask questions and find out what it’s like to be a dolphin researcher!


Just a few days later, we travelled to Gweek in Cornwall, where we attended the National Seal Sanctuary’s Marine Conservation weekend. Surrounded by grey and common seals, Patagonian sealions, penguins and otters, once again I was asked to give readings from both The Magic Dolphin, and Dolphin Doodling. It was a lot of fun especially with all the real sound effects!!!

Finally, a week later we headed back down to the southwest, this time to Brixham in south Devon for their Marine Conservation day. This was a very busy event which was great for us as we were able to talk to hundreds of people. The children seemed to love The Magic Dolphinreadings, free baby dolphin jelly sweets and stickers.

Adopt a Dolphin has had great fun meeting new faces and making new friends who are keen to support the work we do. Thanks to all who got involved and we hope to see you all again soon!

If you, or anyone you know, is holding a festival or similar and fancie some dolphin magic to attend, then look no further…info@themagicdolphin.co.uk

See you soon


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About the Author

Written by Kirsten Hintner, The Magic Dolphin was also the brain child of renowned scientist Dr Peter Evans, well known for his award winning work within cetacean conservation and research charity Sea Watch Foundation. This fun yet educational blog is a continuation of the children's book, written through the eyes of Lucy Hensure, the main human character. Kirsten Hintner has had a varied career as writer, filmmaker and producer, working for many and varied bodies including the BBC, Anglia TV, The Open University, PETA, British Red Cross, Banardos to name just a few. She runs her own company Kirsten Hintner Productions. Kirsten has several years experience working with children and young adults on filming projects and various educational enterprises. In 2010, she ran a series of environmental filming workshops for schools in Pembrokeshire, the two film products winning first and second prizes in their respective categories at a National Schools Media Awards Ceremony in 2011. She is the Creative Administrator of Sea Watch’s Adopt A Dolphin scheme, and is also Editor of its newsletters. She has had a passion for conservation and the welfare of animals and wildlife since a very young child, and her aim is to make a difference within the world of conservation and welfare, and to help protect animals and threatened species internationally.

Love Kirsten x

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