July 4 2017

National Whale & Dolphin Watch

National-whale-and-dolphin-watch-2017-copyIt’s that time again! How fast a year goes. The date for our biggest annual event of the year is 29th July – 6th August.

So, what is National Whale & Dolphin Watch really all about?
Well, perhaps I should firstly ask the question – do you know how many cetacean species occur in UK waters?  Some of you will know the answer to this, but the majority of folk in the UK will not be aware that we have 29 different species of whales and dolphins to boast about!!  This is more than a quarter of the entire British mammal fauna! And did you know that during our annual event, we usually see a dozen or more of those species just in one week.

Why do we run NWDW?
Our biggest annual event is all about putting an allotted time aside (one week), to ask the public to help us spot as many different species around our coasts as possible. The results then give us a ‘snapshot’ of what exists in UK coastal waters. It gives the public a chance to join an organised group near them where they can learn more about these species, how they are doing, how to be more successful at spotting them, and how they can get further involved. For those of you who love the ocean and are lucky enough to spend time enjoying everything it offers – coastal walks, sailing, swimming, beach holidays, etc, you might like to add another activity to your list…cetacean spotting!! During a cliff-top walk why not take a pair of binoculars with you and spend just half an hour scanning the water for signs of cetacean life. We think NWDW inspires people to give it a go. The public should understand that they too can see wild whales and dolphins, and can contribute to our database.
We are encouraging ALL to get involved. It doesn’t matter if this is your very first visit to the coast, we’d love to see you! The more the merrier, families too. Why not turn it into a family holiday!

Don’t miss out! It was a fabulous event last year. To find out more, visit: http://www.seawatchfoundation.org.uk/nwdw/

June 4 2017

Adopt a Dolphin on the road

Busy talking dolphin!

May has been a brilliantly fun month for Adopt a Dolphin, what with visits to schools and festivals! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as we have just brought out our new children’s book!! More about that soon!!

We started off in a school in Milton Keynes (Bradwell Village), where we talked to 400 children about dolphins in the UK, the threats they face and how they can help. Luckily, we were joined virtually by two of our interns Laura and Amanda through Skype. This meant that the children could ask questions and find out what it’s like to be a dolphin researcher!


Just a few days later, we travelled to Gweek in Cornwall, where we attended the National Seal Sanctuary’s Marine Conservation weekend. Surrounded by grey and common seals, Patagonian sealions, penguins and otters, once again I was asked to give readings from both The Magic Dolphin, and Dolphin Doodling. It was a lot of fun especially with all the real sound effects!!!

Finally, a week later we headed back down to the southwest, this time to Brixham in south Devon for their Marine Conservation day. This was a very busy event which was great for us as we were able to talk to hundreds of people. The children seemed to love The Magic Dolphinreadings, free baby dolphin jelly sweets and stickers.

Adopt a Dolphin has had great fun meeting new faces and making new friends who are keen to support the work we do. Thanks to all who got involved and we hope to see you all again soon!

If you, or anyone you know, is holding a festival or similar and fancie some dolphin magic to attend, then look no further…info@themagicdolphin.co.uk

See you soon


May 3 2017

Meet Tigger, one of the dolphin-gang!

Hi again!

Our friends at Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips (New Quay, Cardigan Bay) have just released their second video diary especially for you. This video shows some of the sea birds you might see in the area when you visit, and also shows some fabulous, close-up, underwater footage of our fabulous Finned Friend, Tigger! 

Some of you who’ve read The Magic Dolphin may remember that Chris is mum to Tigger, and Tigger’s bestest buddies are Lumpy (nicknamed ‘Plumpy’ due to his love of fish), and Button!

Without further ado, please enjoy Dafydd (Skipper of their boat Ermol) in this cool little video….

If you missed DSBT’s first video diary then here it is….Video Diary 1


November 30 2016

Welcome to our first VLOG!

Hi everyone!

As we have SO many new things to tell you about, I thought it would be much nicer to send you this little video!

New???  Yes!  A new website, new newsletters, new easy payment system, new adoptable dolphins, and of course a new blog!!!!   So, without further ado, please welcome our very first VLOG!

June 27 2016

The Magic Dolphin meets The Supervet!

The Magic Dolphin at Dogfest

One of the events in The Magic Dolphin’s diary this year was to visit Dogfest, Windsor. Now, you’re probably wondering why a project all about dolphins would want to attend a festival that focuses on our four-legged friends? Well, the answer to that is that it’s not only a festival about dogs, it’s an event that celebrates and recognises ‘hope’.

Dogfest is the brain-child of Professor Noel Fitzpatrick (AKA The Supervet).  I shouldn’t think there are many animal-loving folk out there who haven’t heard of this man, or watched with intensity as he battles to save the lives of hundreds of much loved pets every Wednesday evening on Channel 4.  The Supervet has become one of the most popular animal documentary style programmes on British TV, and with reason!

Noel Fitzpatrick works tirelessly from his veterinary establishment ‘fitzpatrickreferrals’  based in Surrey.
He specialises in orthopaedics and neurosurgery on small animals, but recognises that cancer affects 1 in 3 animals (and humans), and wanted to provide a state of the art, world-class hospital to change the way that this disease is treated. Continue reading

June 8 2016

Take The Magic Dolphin Challenge!



Hi everyone!

Together with Sea Watch I’ve come up with this really cool ‘Dolphin Quiz Challenge’.


The first few questions are very easy, just to get you in the flow, but they get harder as you go!

And guess what…if you get 75% or more you get money off when you buy The Magic Dolphin book! Cool huh ;o))))) And, don’t worry, cos if you don’t do very well the first time, you can have another go at it!

The maps, cartoons and photos in the quiz are really cool so if you like it then share it with your friends, or you could ask you teacher to use it in a lesson one day. One of our adoptees wrote to me last week to say that her teacher used The Challenge for one of the ‘Under the Sea‘ lessons, and everyone LOVED it!!

Well, I’ll leave you to have a go. Good luck!!!


June 1 2016

Meet Clet, the Travelling Bottlenose Dolphin

Nick Davies
Clet bow-riding the MV Isle of Arran Ferry
Hi All

This is the story of a very busy, solitary bottlenose dolphin.

He’s a famous dolphin now and has been photographed bow-riding HUGE  ferries in Scotland, following tiny dingy’s in Dorset, meeting up with mates in Ireland, chasing fast boats in Cornwall, and goodness knows what else!!! It’s good to know he’s still on his travels!

People have been able to spot him easily around the UK, because of his cool dorsal fin – it has a huge chunk taken out of it.

He arrived into our Cornish waters in 2014, and explored the area from as far as Portland, in Dorset, up to the Scottish Highlands!! What a traveler he is!

Continue reading

February 16 2016

Those poor sperm whales!

sperm whales by JGordon

Hi everyone.

I’m sitting at home, tucked up in my nice, warm office, and just got a message from Sea Watch Foundation. They want me to tell you all about the problems that have been going on in the UK with all the poor, poor sperm whales.

We get many types of whale species in the UK – minke whale, fin whale, pilot whale, killer whale and many others including the sperm whale. These are the curious looking ones with the huge, square heads (Moby Dick is a sperm whale!!)

Well, some sperm whales recently got themselves into a lot of trouble. Sea Watch Foundation (SWF) call it – The largest sperm whale stranding EVER recorded in the North Sea. Tweet:  29 sperm whales ended up stuck and stranded on beaches dying!!! Keep Reading!

November 7 2015

Life after The Magic Dolphin!


meHi! I’m Kirsten Hintner, the author of The Magic Dolphin book!

Welcome to the very first blog post. If you love dolphins then I hope this blog will quench your thirst for interesting information, stories, updates about UK marine wildlife and much more. The Magic Dolphin is an educational adventure story, and this blog will be a continuation – a ‘live diary’ for the dolphins of Cardigan Bay and beyond! Keep Reading!